Star Wars Episode 8 – Coming to Terms, pt. III

It’s been a while, but finally I have the time to write another post.

Where did we left? Ah, yes, Leia went full Marry Poppins and Hux questioned the physics of the Star Wars universe. That means we have to cover a few things:

6. […] / Rey and Kylo form a connection
7. Admiral Holdo takes over for Leia / Holdo does not reveal her plans to Poe / Rose comes into play

Actually, this post is going to be a difficult one, because I do not remember every detail of the plotlines that I’d like to discuss. However, I’m not desperate enough to watch the movie yet again, so it has to work out somehow. Let’s get started…

That connection that Kylo and Rey start to discover is something that I’ve never seen before in any of the Star Wars movies, as they can literally see each other. And it bugs me quite a lot! Vague feelings about the presence of another character? Yes, I’ve seen that. A 4K-projection of another character? Nope, that’s new. And I don’t get what it is good for! To have a scene of Kylo Ren without his shirt? Yeah, thank you, I could have waived for that. Actually, I think that the only reason for this kind of connection is that in this way Kylo can reveal his version of his „origin story“. However, that could have been achieved differently. For example by Luke not lying in the first place, because I think once again that Luke Skywalker would not do that. But we will come to that later…

While this whole force-skyping is introduced,  Admiral Amilyn Holdo is appointed as new commander of the Resistance, because Leia is comatose. Poe does not know her, as far as I remember, and approaches her afterwards to get informed about her plans for the Resistance’s escape from the First Order’s pursuit. However, she refuses to tell him about her plans, because  he is a „trigger happy flyboy“ and „the last thing [they] need right now“. And this is the point where the whole movie turns to shit, as Poe not knowing Holdo’s plan is the whole reason for this awful Canto Bight subplot! And for no reason! Really, there is no reason for Holdo to not tell Poe what her plan is. Even if she thinks that he is hot-headed, she should know that he is loyal to the Resistance. Therefore, he would not do something that endangers the Resistance. Yes, of course, he was the one who ignored Leia’s order to let the Dreadnought be, but he saw a payoff in doing this. But the situation is very different here. When Poe was ordered to flee instead of attacking, the Resistance thought that a jump to light speed could save them from the First Order. This has been proven very wrong. Now, the first order is already chasing them and the Resistance cannot escape in any way. So, what’s the thing here? Is Holdo afraid that Poe starts some solo mission and gets himself killed? That should actually not bother her, as he is „the last thing that [they] need right now“.

Another reason for Holdo not telling her plan to Poe could be that she suspects him of being a mole. However, Leia trusting him should be enough for Holdo to do the same. And even if Holdo would not trust Leia’s judgement in the first place, there is not the slightest bit of evidence that Poe is a mole or that there is a mole anyway. Yes, she could suspect that there is a mole in the Resistance, as the First Order was able to find the Resistance after a jump to light speed. However, a mere second later Rose is aware of the First Order’s ability to carry out hyperspace tracking, which resolves that situation without a mole.  

And that brings us to the last part of this post: Rose.

Her introduction is kind of messy… „Hey Finn, you’re my hero“ directly followed by „Hey Finn, you’re a selfish traitor and I’m going to stun you and turn you in for deserting!“ followed by a conspirative meeting of Rose, Finn and Poe (and BB-8 perhaps, I don’t remember…). During this meeting they call Maz Kanata to get her support for the plan that they came up with. And that’s again a point that I don’t get… why do they call Maz? As far as we know, Rose and Poe do not even know Maz. And Finn talked to her for like what… 5 Minutes in TFA? So, either there is a subplot involving Maz into the Resistance that was not shown in any of the movies, or this is just another case of bullshit…

… at least I’m pretty sure it’s neither IT nor Science! 😉


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